#62. Jennifer Arcuri ‘virtually’ exonerates Boris Johnson.


When I started to watch the following interview on the Victoria Derbyshire show this morning I thought: “You’re screwed, Boris!”

But then as the interview progressed (and all credit to Derbyshire for one of the most balanced interview techniques I’ve seen in a long time, especially when compared with Andrew Marr) the situation subtly changed to one nuanced towards actuality (‘the state of existing in reality’) rather than as it’s appeared in the media – as a scrabble to mine the situation for the tiniest crumb of dirt.

Notwithstanding her hurt personal feelings, Arcuri is scrupulously fair to Johnson in dismissing what Andrew Marr was desperately trying to get Johnson to admit, that Johnson’s dealing with Arcuri as a businesswoman during his time as London mayor were somehow, let’s say, “questionable” if not downright illegal. They were anything but.

According to Arcuri’s own testimony, Johnson did not patronise Arcuri he supported her as a business PERSON who was of use to London, a point she makes throughout the Derbyshire interview.

If Johnson were a French politican he would rejoice in whatever notoriety a “scurrilous media” (with one or two singular exceptions) could have thrown at him.

But he’s not French and so he suffers the slings and arrows thrown at him by Opposition politicians and others whose moral compasses perhaps could do with a bit of oil to free them up because they appear to be stuck permanently pointing north.