80#: Well, who’d have thought it? (Well, all those of you who read #73: On coffins and premature political deaths for a start!)

From: Karen Calder <karen.calder@shropshire.gov.uk>
Sent: 19 April 2021 15:45
To: Members <Members@shropshire.gov.uk>
Subject: Goodbye

Dear All,

At the last Council Meeting of the previous administration we had the opportunity to say farewell to Members not standing, for whatever reason this has not been afforded to us in this administration. I hope you will indulge me or of course you can just delete me!

To my friend and comrade in arms on many occasions Ann Hartley, what the hell did you do to be deselected!!! Shame on you NSCA!! You have represented this Council with dignity and grace throughout your tenure as Chairman. You were Cabinet Member for Children’s services and held the respect of Officers and Headteachers alike for your knowledge and commitment to the future generation of Shropshire. The only other thing I can add apart from good luck and good health is watch the space after the back room deals and the election results, who will be Chairman I wonder?

Lee Chapman, It was a pleasure to work with you and I wish you well in your future endeavours.

Michael Wood, you walk away from this Authority with your integrity intact. You never shied away from being a critical friend of the Administration…or just plain critical. We shared many a moment of despair at the lack of direction and decision by the Administration.

Jane Mackensie. Your time as Mayor of Shrewsbury was fantastic I was in awe. The tragedy of your daughter’s death understandably threw you into a place only those who know that pit of despair will understand. Some of the projects and charities you started I hope you are able to continue with and if I can ever be of help or support please let me know.

Hannah Frazer. We do not know each other very well but I have always respected your views and would always listen very carefully when you spoke in Council or at any meetings. The Council will be a lesser place without your contributions.

Madge Shineton. I first met Madge when I was Chair of the interim planning committee and we covered all 5 Districts and Boroughs with differences and nuances of local plans. It was I thought a straight forward decision until Madge stood up to speak and she ran a coach and horses through the officers recommendation! My admiration for her has never waivered since then. She has been an absolute rock of dependency and advice. Thank you Madge!

Pauline Dee. We have known each other for all the years I have been involved in Local Government, our paths mainly crossed in planning and you always had the concerns of your residents at the forefront of any contributions you made, but also you reflected those views on applications outside of your division. In the days of the LJCs you were always in the thick of it on the myriad of topics covered and your commitment to the residents of Wem should not go unrecognised.

David Minnery, what another cock up by NSCA! I wish you good luck in the upcoming election, you have always shown a pragmatic approach as opposed to a dogmatic approach, long may that continue.

Roger Hughes, your altercations with some on the NSCA are a little more public, I know you wont mind me saying that. But it illustrates some of the backroom machinations which take place. Good luck and I hope you are successful in the election.

Tina Woodward, again our paths did not cross very often, but yours again was a voice I listened to when you spoke in Council. I wish you well in whatever you do next!

Malcomn Pate. I first came to know Malcolm when a requirement/ expectation of a leader was integrity, and he had that in bucket loads. He led the drive for Unitary Status and was derided in many Districts and Boroughs, but he carried on and drove it through, only to be unceremoniously dumped by a coalition of self interest from past leaders of the Districts and Boroughs. He was held in high regard not just locally but his participation in regional and national politics gave him a profile which stood up well with his counterparts and reflected well back onto Shropshire Council. He was the one we turned to give stability to a very rocky boat when the leader stood down. Calm returned and the election followed…the rest is history and you can draw your own conclusions. I am so pleased that Malcolm has found happiness and a life outside of politics, good health!

Claire Aspinall and Mike Lee…..well done NSCA on your selection process there!

Stuart West. RIP your treatment by the administration after the last election was despicable. Nothing more to say, those of you responsible hang your heads in shame!

To the Leaders of the Opposition… Alan keep on being the Rottweiller I’ve always thought of you as being and continue to cut through the crap whenever  you hear it! Roger well done for finally getting a Lib Dem suggestion on the Conservative Manifesto …LED street lighting!

Finally my own swan song, it has been suggested that I am a one horse pony… health…so be it!

This has been in no particular order and if I have missed someone apologies no offence intended, but where offence is meant I hope it is taken.

Kind regards to you all…well most of  you!  x