In fact, a LOT longer than a week before a follow up on that last ‘taster’ for an article which, started, I just couldn’t get into let alone get started! Sorry Steve and all others, got a bit too much on my mind.

So, apologies.

The local election to replace me on standing down saw the LibDems take over and not wasting any time acting as if any and all local issues (and not many actually “local” to Highley) would be sorted by them in short order. Hmmm. You have to love them, stepping in as if they’ve always been there. That’s how it was last time and that’s how it will continue to be for the foreseeable.

Mark Williams is a nice guy, which is why he stood for all the other nice people to support a bunch of other nice people at Shirehall; they’re too nice and Shropshire Council doesn’t work like that. I have absolutely nothing against Mark Williams (in fact anyone who keeps the Tory candidate out) but the prospect of a further three years in which Highley is represented by the LibDems would fill me with dread, if only I could make myself care enough, and I can’t.

It’s why I proposed the Labour candidate, Liam Atwell, not because I support Labour but simply because, AT WHAT IS LEFT OF SHIREHALL, Julia Buckley leads the most effect opposition group within council and with Julia Buckley behind him, Liam would have been the most effective representative for Highley AT COUNCIL.

It’s not “politics”, take that out of it, I proved that with what I achieved as an INDEPENDENT, completing all the works that the LibDems are now (typically) claiming credit for having sorted. Cheeky sods, but then what do you expect?

Well, I certainly expected better from the inherently decent and principled Mark Williams. Let’s see how he carries on. He won’t be without an audience.